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Venus – Let’s Talk Love Languages

Did you know that the origin story of Venus in Roman mythology describes Venus rising from the sea, birthed from the foam of the blood, guts and semen of a terrifying scene in which Saturn castrates the penis of his father, Uranus. Lovely isn’t it? And she was rumored to have had a torrid affair with Mars, the God of war. Dramatic and scandalous. And guess what? YOU have your own Venus story that holds the same amount of passion and allure.
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In Astrology, Venus is the planet of love. Its placement gives us insight into our deepest desires, what and who we are attracted to, what we value and find beautiful. Love and lust. Between the placements of Venus and the Moon, you can really determine a soul’s love language.

Desire intimates something we are longing for. Something that sounds delicious to us. But here’s the flip side. You can’t desire something you already have. It doesn’t work like that. Once you have it, you may celebrate it and feel gratitude for it – but you no longer DESIRE it. Once you taste the desired chicken wing, you are satiated, appeased – but no longer in lust. Desire is longing. So innately, when we speak of Venus, we speak of lack. What you desire is what you lack. So, your Venus story also speaks to your natural insecurities. What you feel you lack. Let’s move through the signs and play with some Venus stories….

Venus in Aries. Do you find yourself attracted to passion and adventure? To the independent types? Bold is alluring. Leadership and authority raise your temperature. But do you fear authority? Of being in trouble? Do you wish you had the courage to stand your ground more? This is your Venus story.

Venus in Taurus. Beauty in simplicity. Sensual pleasures. Are you attracted to the comfort of slow mornings and grounded, intentional presence. Quality time with your loved one, just like in the romantic movies, really pulls at your heartstrings. But do you move too fast for this? Do you bypass these moments by trying to fill the space? What you long for is what you lack. This is your Venus journey.

Venus in Gemini. Stimulate my mind!! Social and intellectual connection gets you off! Talk smart to me baby! Do you find that you long for someone who asks you about yourself, who shows curiosity and open-mindedness, but you find it’s hard for you to listen? You may speak or think too fast and stay one step ahead of the conversation. You desire connectivity but struggle to feel connected? Progress not perfection. Start with written word. This is your Venus story.

Venus in Cancer. A love of closeness. Cancer rules home and family. Do you long for physical touch and personal care in intimate relationships? A home well nurtured must sound so lovely, a dream. But maybe that’s not where you came from? And you don’t know how to do it. One on one relationships are where you will practice this and find home. This is your Venus story.

Venus in Leo. Who doesn’t love a dumpster fire?! You are attracted to laughter and play! You love a show! Fireworks! Theatrics! Give me a love affair! You desire fierce passion! But let’s talk about your own imposter syndrome when the spotlight is on you. Do you fear being seen without your mask? What if someone sees the real you and THEN rejects you. Afraid your heart would break? This is your Venus story.

Venus in Virgo. Do acts of service cut your cake? A man who takes out the trash without asking?? OH MY! Nature and good food is the way to your heart? But do you feel you lack the humility to be useful to others? Lack the aptitude to discern and make plans? Love organization but just CAN’T FREAKIN DO IT? Love when you are taken care of but feel guilt that you don’t or can’t offer it in return? This is your Venus story.

Venus in Libra. You signed up for the big one. Relationship. All you want is a happy and harmonious relationship. Someone who chooses you, for you. The fairytale. But do you find you can’t show up for it? Never the right time? You pull them close, then push them away? Commitment and consistency. This is your Venus story.

Venus in Scorpio. You love the powerful moments of intimate connection. You may show your love sexually or feel insanely loved when you are physically desired. Intimacy is the goal. But do you find it’s hard to maintain eye contact? When there is silence, do you fill it? You bypass the intimate moments you long for, leaving you feeling isolated. This is your Venus story.

Venus in Sagittarius. You love a goofball. Make me laugh! Attracted to the wild card? You’ll follow the dance of the wanderlust anywhere. You love to be lightened up, because maybe, naturally, you are a bit serious. Maybe, somewhere deep down, you wish you were more fun. This is your Venus story.

Venus in Capricorn. HELLO DADDY ISSUES. Jk. Kinda. Are you a workaholic? Have you ever examined if there is something you are compensating for? You are attracted to commitment, devotion and stability. Show up for me baby. Do what you said you would. Keep your promise. But are you able to return this, or is it easier to avoid love altogether? Somewhere in here, is your Venus story.

Venus in Aquarius. Do you love a weirdo? Attracted to the spark of brilliance that is originality? Collector of broken toys? “Don’t come to me proper and put together. I like a wild card!” you say. Friendship and community is vital to your heart energy. But have you always felt like you don’t belong? Your weirdness makes you unlovable? Alone even in a room full of people? This is your Venus story.

Venus in Pisces. Drawn to the fairytale? An idealistic romance? Or is your heart full when you are spiritually connected. Divinely inspired. An emotional connection is your jam. But your Venus story lies in your connection to your own intuitive, emotional body. Do you like to cork or avoid? Escape your feelings? Self-sabotage? Your Venus story is in the coming home to self.