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Saturn … and the 7 Year Itch

So you’re telling me God created all of the stars and planets and he created Saturn to be the master of discipline, restriction and karmic consequences?! WHY?! Let me start by giving you some Saturn basics. Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system, next to the spiritual behemoth, Jupiter. The interpersonal sky beasts. Jupiter, dealing in expansion and Saturn, dealing in purpose. That feels important, doesn’t it? It is.
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Saturn deals in black in white. Did you do it or not? Did you commit to it or not? There is no fluff, fluidity or gray area. We are dealing in facts. As the ruling planet of Capricorn, we are talking about earthly matters. Structure, boundaries, responsibilities. Saturn says “Nobody cares, work harder”. You are not going to complain, convince or manipulate your way out of your Saturn work. Think of Saturn as your cosmic review board. Coming by with an empirical eye to examine whether you’ve done the work you agreed to do. Have you fulfilled your promise? Your commitment? Your purpose? THIS is the planet that gives us insight into our greatest missions here on Earth. Your karmic responsibility. Your soul’s growth edge.

Here’s the rest of the story. It’s all about timing. Saturn takes about 29 years to orbit the sun, completing what we refer to in Astrology as a Saturn Return, a return to his place of origin. At any given event, including the birth of a baby, Saturn begins his personal journey around the sun in relation to that specimen.

Every 7 years or so, Saturn makes powerful mathematical aspects to his native placement, or ‘home’ position. He squares himself, opposes himself, squares himself again, and then comes home in 7-year increments. Have you ever heard of the 7-year itch? Saturn stuff. The pinnacle moment when Saturn returns to his original position culminates the coming-of-age moment known as the Saturn Return. The planet of discipline returns from his voyage and says “Look at what we’ve learned. Now grow up.” This can be a time of transition, difficulty, surrender or even accolades depending on the quality of your mission thus far. He may completely redirect you. He may bring the whole show crashing down. He may support you in the commitment to another – a marriage or baby.

Often times, if your Saturn Return involves the start of a new journey with another soul (a new relationship or the birth of a child) you have just met one of your greatest teachers in this life. Pay close attention to the lessons in this relationship. Regardless of the particulars of your coming of age moment, it will be felt and it will be remembered. It is a moment that should be respected and honored. And it returns again and again. There are remnants of the same lesson every seven years, in different forms. Following your Saturn cycles offers a window into the journey of your soul.

You can’t rush fate baby. There are powerful forces at work that are timing your destined doorways perfectly. The power of astrology is walking into your moments of purpose, like the Saturn Return, with eyes wide open and an open-minded appreciation for the journey you’re on. Use your powers for good.