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FIRE SIGNS – What You Should Know….

I’m talking to you Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. I know you felt it. You are used to all eyes on you. You are the FIRE signs of the Zodiac. This means you quite literally hold fire in your veins and extra chi in your body. Fire is vitality. It is passion, aliveness, boldness, brightness. You can’t look away from a fire person. They are expressive. Laugh loudly. Get angry. Move around. This is the element of energy. I’m sure you have found yourself asking the question “Am I too much?” And the answer is no, you’re not.
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As the energy balls of the zodiac, you are supposed to be more active than other signs. So let’s start with that permission slip. Your energy MUST be moving, doing, expressing. You are not supposed to sit still fire sign. You are not supposed to stay quiet. You are not supposed to ‘chill’. That is a rejection of your natural talents and superpowers here. You are supposed to fill a room. You are supposed to be BIG. You are not here to diminish your fire for anyone!

Let’s talk about what this fire is. Your soul carries extra aliveness and energy. It is instinctual, primal. It needs to be in the thick of life. Fire represents movement, creativity, inspiration, assertiveness, playfulness, humor, spontaneity. Fire personalities can be enthusiastic and wild. They can be overindulgent and impulsive. At a basic level fire people run off the impulses and instincts of the human body, so they can be sensual and lustful or reckless, rageful and overindulgent. Orgasm and laugh fire people, dance and exercise – you must release that energy! It is your extra zest that makes you so powerful and alluring! People are attracted to the shine of the fire persona.

Here is what you should know. Burnout is your curse. Fire people burn bright and bold and passionately. Even in a temper tantrum, you have this extinction BURST and then move on quickly. Fire burns bright and burns out with the same swiftness. So you are more vulnerable to the heaviness of burnout. For a fire person, to experience the low of burnout can translate to total depression and hopelessness. Listen to me you ball of light. You burn so bright and so fabulously because you are meant to empower, enlighten and embolden the rest of us. And in your moments of darkness, take cover, recuperate, feel into your body, allow rest. And remember… that your fire is naturally reoccurring. You will always reignite. But you can honor how dark it feels before the light. You want to be on at all times, that feels good. Fire people want to FEEL excited – it can be a chase for a high. But sometimes you must burn down to the coals – to find a new creative source.

Find your creative outlet. Move your body. Sing loudly. Laugh loudest. Cry openly. You are expressive. You are the essence of heart on sleeve energy. There is no holding back. And that is beautiful. And that is your mission here. To lighten the rest of the world up. You are a lighthouse. Please don’t ever diminish your light for the comfort of others.